About Us

The founders of Northeast FR, Steve and Cathy Murray, were both born and raised in Maine. They met 24 years ago and have 2 teenagers who keep them very busy. Steve owned his own welding business for 15+ years and was hired as a subcontractor for work in substations. Cathy stayed home to raise the kids.

In 2006, Steve had the opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream of owning a fly fishing lodge in Labrador, Canada. He decided to purchase the lodge and subsequently sold his welding business. He then went to work as a lineman for ES Boules company, one of the oldest, largest, and most experienced electrical and telecommunications contractors in the northeastern United States. Steve then became a member of the Local 104.

For several weeks a summer the family heads to the lodge in Labrador. They enjoy the experience of spending a week with guests who come from all over the world.

Why Did We Start the Business?

We were unable to find these products in our area. It was important to us to be able to fill this need and when the opportunity presented itself, we knew we could only say “yes”.

Why Choose Northeast FR?
Your safety is our business. It is an honor and privilege to serve the men and women who keep us safe at great risk to themselves. As a small business, we are able to react quickly to your needs and offer a personal touch.

Why DragonWear Products?
We know the products and live in them daily. We tried numerous brands, but found the superior quality, design features, and lifetime warranty unmatched in the industry. With the FR protection inherent to the fabric for each garment, it will never wash or wear out.

Northeast FR Mission Statement:
To offer quality flame resistant products that help ensure the wearer comes home safely to their families each and every night.

Northeast FR Vision Statement:
Our vision is that each and every person working in or exposed to a volatile environment is protected from harm.